TicketManager | Spotlight Ticket Management Announces TicketManager Re-brand Amidst Record 2014

Leading provider of online tools and mobile apps for company sports tickets and T&E assets records 300% revenue growth, announces new name, and debuts expanded headquarters

The leading provider of online tools and mobile apps for company sports tickets, travel, and entertainment assets, is celebrating the New Year with a new name: TicketManager. The firm, known historically as Spotlight Ticket Management, announced the new name today which already adorns the company’s new headquarters in Calabasas, CA.

“2014 exceeded our wildest expectations,” said Tony Knopp, CEO and Co-Founder of TicketManager. “We saw significant growth in all areas of business, a renewal rate over 99%, and a consistent demand for TicketManager products and services from companies of all sizes, teams, venues, and technology partners.”

With over 11 million assets under management annually including sports tickets, gift cards, amusement park tickets, and hospitality passes, TicketManager has revolutionized company sports ticket and event management by making it easy to manage, track, distribute, buy, and sell tickets online through a customized “company box office” complete with business rules, and compliance features. 2014 was a watershed year as TicketManager added globally known names including MasterCard, Verizon, Ernst & Young, City National Bank, CBS, and LP to the already impressive customer list of Wells Fargo, HP, Oracle, hundreds of major firms and over 60 professional team partners.

“Business is moving to the cloud. Sports tickets and T&E assets are no different,” said Joe Greiner, CRO and CO-Founder “In 2015, TicketManager will continue to offer cutting edge mobile apps, CRM and expense integrations like TicketManager for Salesforce.com and TicketManager for Concur, and solutions for companies looking to move to e-ticketing and digital ticketing.”

TicketManager’s focus on integrating with the best-in-tech paid dividends in 2014 as customers big and small adopted TicketManager for Salesforce.com and TicketManager for Concur. “Our goal is a simple platform that puts tickets where our customers spend their time. If a company leverages Salesforce.com, we’ll put the tickets there. If they use Microsoft Outlook, we have a solution being used by globally known companies today,” said Knopp.

TicketManager will continue with rapid expansion in 2015 adding headcount across the firm. “We’re constantly on the lookout for talented developers, account managers, sales professionals, and teammates hungry to build at a growing start-up,” said Knopp. To keep up with growth, the company opened a new headquarters in Calabasas, CA with an array of perks for employees including golf lessons, a game room equipped with PlayStation, Xbox, Wii, ping pong, and a golf simulator, gym and fitness memberships, and company outings.

“We strongly believe TicketManager will be the status quo for all businesses with sports tickets,” said Knopp, “the days of excel spreadsheets and emails flying everywhere are over. 2015 will be a major breakthrough for our industry and we’re proud to lead the way.”

About TicketManager: TicketManager (https://www.ticketmanager.com) is where tickets mean business. TicketManager makes company tickets simple by enabling companies to measure the business impact of sports and entertainment assets while staying compliant.

Described as “Necessary in Business” by CNBC, TicketManager offers a variety of web and mobile products to help companies of all sizes use the tickets they own, buy the tickets they need, and stay compliant with all federal, state, and local regulation without adding another layer of red-tape or confusing software.

TicketManager makes tickets available where the business user lives, whether on their mobile device, in their CRM, or through their team and venue partners. TicketManager partners with over 60 professional sports teams and venues as well as industry leading partners, Salesforce.com and Concur, to offer integrated products alongside education. The company is based in Calabasas, CA.