TicketManager | All Access Benefits

All Access Benefits

• Recoup Your Investment
• Get Tickets You Want
• Increase Your ROI


Without All Access

TicketManager All Access


More Work

TicketManager | All Access Benefits

Selling tickets online, at scale, is time consuming and difficult even for professionals, requiring 24 x 7 x 365 attention to avoid fees and broken sales.

Selling as a company while having other responsibilities leads to more work, more trouble, more risk, and for what? Less money.

Less Work

TicketManager | All Access Benefits

TicketManager All Access gets you the most money safely and automatically.


Less Reward

TicketManager | All Access Benefits

There are hundreds of re-sale websites for tickets. Many of which will deliver better returns than others for specific events. To list tickets on all websites would take full-time work for days. There are some services which would allow a company to list tickets on multiple sites, but those come with a license fee on top of the risk that company will buy your tickets for too cheap and re-sell them themselves.

Less Work + More Money

TicketManager | All Access Benefits

All fees, all licenses, and all access provided to the best marketplaces at highly discounted rates.


Uneven Competition

TicketManager | All Access Benefits

Tickets need to be priced constantly. Often, new sellers believe they can price tickets for a little less than the market and they’ll sell quickly.

What they don’t realize is that professional sellers have automated tools which will instantly price competitive tickets below yours or, if yours are too far below market, they’ll buy yours instantly, re-list them, and re-sell them themselves taking your company’s money at a fraction of the value.

Beat the Competition

TicketManager | All Access Benefits

Priced automatically and in real-time to maximize your market returns. Prices adjust automatically to maximize yield and remain competitive while giving you controls including price floors.


Tickets Everywhere

TicketManager | All Access Benefits

If a ticket is sold on one website, or requested internally, the user needs to remove the ticket from the internal TicketManager inventory and all re-sale sites to prevent selling twice or employees asking when a ticket isn’t available.

Without an integration to an internal ticket management tool, there is no control against multiple transactions on the same ticket which leads to people not getting in.

Multiple transactions are expensive for you, as you are accountable for providing a comparable ticket, meaning you could be responsible for 5x the face value, depending on the event.

Automatic and Easy

TicketManager | All Access Benefits

Inventory adjusts in real-time. If sold on one site, it is immediately removed from other sites and internal inventory. No hassle. No cross-selling. No problems.

All simple mistakes and expensive penalties which happen when selling yourself are avoided.


A Full Time, High Risk Game

TicketManager | All Access Benefits

Tickets need to be delivered quickly once they are sold. That is a 24x7x365 operation including weekends, holidays and vacations.

Not delivering tickets on time results in broken sales with penalties up to 5x the ticket cost.

If they are mobile tickets, admins need to log into online accounts and transfer/upload all assets.

If they are physical tickets, admins need to log into the resale page to get the shipping information, print the label and ship the tickets within the re-sellers timeframe.

Easy and Seamless

TicketManager | All Access Benefits

Mobile tickets are auto-transferred by TicketManager.

Physical tickets are shipped in one-click.

No broken sales, no overtime expense for staff shipping in off hours and no worry during holidays and vacations.


Audits and Fines

TicketManager | All Access Benefits

Selling tickets outside of a ticket management platform creates significant compliance risk. There is:

  • No control on pricing leading admins to underprice tickets or sell under the desk for personal gain.
  • No formal record of who is selling what and for how much.
  • No record tickets weren’t needed for business use prior to being sold
  • No record of funds transfers between the marketplaces and your company
  • Unfortunately, where there is value, people will benefit themselves. Especially in ticket re-sale as it is one of the most common frauds in live events
  • Even small, seemingly innocent, mistakes can lead to major audit and compliance penalties in the millions.

Seamless Compliance

TicketManager | All Access Benefits

All tickets are tracked through the entire business lifecycle and made available to employees and customers for the best business use. All pricing is controlled by a yield management algorithm assuring maximum return while eliminating fraud.

All funds are delivered directly to your company in accordance with your instructions – with zero risk.

Tickets in the right hands, at the right price, totally compliant.


Conflicts of Interest

TicketManager | All Access Benefits

Many re-sellers and resale websites/marketplaces offer the ability for a company to re-sell unused tickets as it aligns with their goals – to generate as much in fees as possible. There is no control in place to assure tickets are used appropriately and kept compliant nor is there any control around the actual margin gained by the re-seller.

Get Tickets in the Right Hands

TicketManager | All Access Benefits

Tickets are used for their purpose: to drive business.

Companies are not in the business of buying tickets to re-sell them. That’s what ticket brokers do.

With TicketManager All Access, tickets are available to employees, customers and prospects through configurable workflows. If a ticket goes unused, it is then re-sold.

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