TicketManager | All Access Interview Series

TicketManager All Access Interview Series

A TicketManager podcast hosted by Jim Andrews. These conversations focus on topics such as sports, entertainment, sponsorship, activation, experiences, ticketing and hospitality. They are designed to deliver the maximum amount of information in the shortest period of time and get right to the heart of the matter with each guest — focusing on the critical issues, where they are making an impact, and can deliver practical information that you can use.

TicketManager | All Access Interview Series
TicketManager | All Access Interview Series
TicketManager | All Access Interview Series
TicketManager | All Access Interview Series
TicketManager | All Access Interview Series

Julie Giese, President of NASCAR’s Chicago Street Race, discusses the many lessons learned from the 2023 event—the first ever street course for NASCAR—including how to make an event part of the community, handling historic weather issues and developing a sponsorship strategy that makes sense for the property and partners.


Todd Fischer, Executive Vice President, Client Consulting at GMR Marketing tackles some of the critical issues facing brands and properties in the quest to keep the sports marketing industry moving forward and delivering necessary results to all parties.


Rob Prazmark, Founder and CEO of 21 Sports & Entertainment Marketing Group, discusses the keys to success in selling nearly $4 billion in corporate partnerships for the Olympic Games, FIFA World Cup, Dallas Cowboys, Smithsonian Institution and other properties. Rob is the author of The Olympics Don’t Take American Express: The Birth of Mega Sports Sponsorships Part One. 


Jim McCoy, Associate Vice President, Sports Marketing for Nationwide, breaks down the financial services company’s multi-faceted sponsorship portfolio and discusses new plans and activations for some of its leading programs.


Matt O’Brien, Senior Vice President of Rock Entertainment Group, Senior Vice President of Global Partnerships for the Cleveland Cavaliers and Chief Revenue Officer for 100 Thieves, explores the challenges and opportunities of building and sustaining partnership programs and sales teams while managing innovation and other changes to the marketing landscape.


Matt Yonan, President of Tigris Marketing, describes the opportunities and challenges of competing with much larger agencies to win brand business in strategy, negotiating, activating and measuring the impact of sponsorships.  


Mike Falconer, Vice President of Strategy for Sportradar, explains why the elimination of third-party cookies spurred the introduction of the company’s new FanID solution and digs into the opportunities and challenges of collecting, connecting, activating and orchestrating data insights across rights holders and their multiple partners.


Veteran marketing executive Tony Wells draws on his successful career to assess the state of partnerships today, including the importance of integrating DEI efforts into partnerships and some of the biggest challenges to sponsorship success facing both brands and rights holders.


Mark Youngworth, Chief Operating Officer of Zips Car Wash, discusses the company’s unique sponsorship category, why college sports is a good fit for the brands’ objectives and how its NIL content series of student-athlete interviews took shape and is seeing results. 


As we conclude Year 3 of the podcast and before 2024 gets fully underway, it’s a great time to look back and recall some of the ideas and insights shared by our podcast guests over the past 12 months.


Ishveen Jolly, CEO of OpenSponsorship, discusses dealmaking and trends in the influencer space, including what brands are looking for, the rise of NIL deals and the role of her digital marketplace in forging successful marketing partnerships.


Kady Stoll, vice president of global sponsorships for 3M, outlines how the company’s diverse portfolio achieves multiple objectives, including growth and awareness for 3M as a global leader in science and innovation.


Juul Manders, CEO of international football social community 433, discusses how the company grew from a soccer-focused Twitter page to 100 million followers and partnerships with top clubs, players and marketers.


Garth Knutson, Chief Marketing Officer, Aflac, explains how the supplemental insurance company’s college sports sponsorships and brand ambassador deals support its brand recognition and product knowledge objectives.


Sean Kellenberger, Senior Vice President and Head, U.S. Brand, Marketing and Digital Strategies for RBC Wealth Management, breaks down the decision-making, strategy and execution of the financial services company’s sponsorship of Major League Soccer, including the importance of exclusivity, local opportunities and Apple TV+.


Tony Schiller, co-founder of Paragon Marketing Group, examines the role of leaders in creating cultures, advancing careers and achieving personal and business goals, in addition to tackling some of the top issues facing sponsors and properties today.


Luke Drake, Vice President of Commercial Partnerships for Qatar Airways discusses the airline’s extensive portfolio of global, regional and local commercial partnerships and their role in achieving communications and business-building objectives in a competitive environment. 


Michael Schreiber, Founder & CEO of Playfly Sports, explores multiple areas of revenue generation for sports rightsholders, from content development and data utilization to streaming video and hospitality opportunities at the high and low ends. 


Tom Valdiserri, Executive Vice President and Managing Director of KemperLesnik, discusses the opportunities and challenges involved in running the sports PR, marketing and event management agency responsible for such events as the Maui Jim Maui Invitational college basketball tournament and the McDonald’s All-American Games high school hoops tourney. 


Bettina Cornwell, Head of the Department of Marketing, and the Philip H. Knight Chair and Professor of Marketing at the Lundquist College of Business at the University of Oregon shares findings from her research into how and why sponsorship works (or doesn’t). Among the insights discussed: authenticity is more important than fit and fans don’t quickly forget previous sponsors, so new partners must put in the work to overcome those long memories.


Brad Ross, Vice President of Global Sports & Entertainment Marketing and Partnerships for The Coca-Cola Company takes a deep dive into the sponsorship leader’s strategy, execution and measurement of its worldwide partnerships, including sponsorship’s role in a complex organization, the impact of technology and negotiating flexibility into long-term deals.


David Paro, Head of Global Sponsorships for MoneyGram International, delivers the what, how and why behind the P2P payments company’s decision to jump into sports partnerships with a title sponsorship of the Haas Formula 1 team, including objectives, activation and measurement plans.


Chris Bontempo, Chief Marketing Officer, IBM Americas, puts the role of sports and entertainment partnerships—from legacy sponsorships with US Open tennis, The Masters golf tournament and Wimbledon to newer relationships with ESPN Fantasy Football and others—in perspective for a global B2B tech giant.


Joey Graziano, Senior Vice President and Head of Global Event Strategy & Development for the NBA shares how the league is throwing out the playbook and taking a new approach to special events as it looks to move beyond content. 


Carl Thomas, Senior Vice President of Sales & Platform Development for ASM Global, discusses how the three-year-old company is creating opportunities for brands across the 350-plus venues it manages worldwide. 


Michael Goldstein, Vice President, Head of Sponsorships, North America for Mastercard, puts the payment technology systems company’s vast portfolio of partnerships in perspective—from targeting various audiences to meeting business and marketing goals. 


As we wrap up our second year of the podcast, and mark the close of 2022, it’s a good time to take a look at some of the highlights from the interviews we conducted this past year.


Steve Gray, Group Vice President of Marketing for UKG, and Pete Falcone, Owner and CEO of JP Sports and Entertainment share the strategy and objectives behind the enterprise software giant’s athlete ambassador program, as well as how agency and client work together to achieve goals. 


Jan Liebchen, Senior Vice President and Head of Strategic Partnerships & Sponsorships for M&T Bank, discusses the bank’s strategy and objectives for its wide-ranging portfolio, its decentralized decision-making structure, performance measurement and more. 


Nick Baker, Chief Operating Officer of AEG Global Partnerships, offers his take on building relationships, the importance of small businesses, what’s happening in premium seating, crypto deals and more. 


Erin Pryor, Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer for First Horizon Bank, charts the regional financial services firm’s sponsorship strategy, screening process, and evaluation methods, as well as the importance of coordination between central and local offices. 


John Brody, Chief Revenue Officer for LEARFIELD, joins the podcast to examine a host of new developments in college athletics and what they mean for schools, student athletes and their brand and media partners.


Elizabeth Lindsey, President, Brands and Properties for Wasserman, discusses a host of current issues in sponsorship, including how brands must remain true to themselves, the importance of understanding what consumers want and need, and whether there is a “right” way to sell women’s sports partnerships.


Steven Fuld, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Sony Corporation of America, takes us inside the company’s loyalty program and discusses the shift in consumer loyalty drivers that has led to Sony Rewards’ expansion into live events.


Ricardo Fort, Founder of Sport by Fort Consulting and former Head of Global Sponsorship for Coca-Cola and Visa, discusses why brands must move away from vanity measures, the ability sponsors have—or don’t have—to influence properties, and which rightsholders are getting it right.


Jeff Hundley, CEO of the Allstate Sugar Bowl, addresses the many aspects of running a bowl organization in a time of changing market dynamics and the evolving college football landscape.


Alex Baldwin, President of the Korn Ferry Tour, delivers an inside look at how the “pathway to the PGA Tour” differentiates itself when working with corporate partners, as well as plans to grow the circuit and tell the stories of its players.


Michael Konradi, Chief Marketing Officer of the Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic, shares an inside look at the multiple aspects of hosting, producing, marketing and promoting post-season bowl games and the challenges that lie ahead.


Ed Horne, President of 160over90, assesses the competitive landscape for sports, entertainment and culture marketing agencies like his, and identifies what brands and rights holders can do to be successful in connecting with consumers through their passion points.


Bill Hancock, Executive Director of the College Football Playoff provides an update on the state of the playoff and what’s next for the organization, its brand and its fans.


Meka White Morris, Executive Vice President, Chief Revenue Officer for the Minnesota Twins, explores how teams, leagues, venues and events can prepare for growth by updating their approach to fan engagement, hiring and diversity, equity and inclusion.


Jim Overbeck, Senior Vice President of Marketing for enterprise security leader Fortinet, shares how a B2B marketer quickly made its mark through strategic decision-making, smart execution and comprehensive data management.


Charles Nieves, Vice President of Marketing for GameDay Vodka, shares the story of an upstart’s use of collegiate and NFL partnerships to compete with spirits industry giants and gain affinity and trial among sports fans.


Doug Dawson, Senior Vice President of Ticket Sales & Service for the Dallas Cowboys, explores organizational culture, the values and qualities of a successful sales team, the rising importance of suites and other topics.


As we mark one year since the introduction of the All Access Interview Series, we look back at some of the best insights that were offered on the podcast throughout 2021.


Kerry Bubolz, President and Co-CEO of the Vegas Golden Knights joins the podcast to discuss the unique aspects of operating a pro sports organization in Las Vegas, plans for growth and the need to keep innovating. 


Ed Pilkington, Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer for Diageo North America takes a deep dive into what the spirits marketer’s brands achieve by partnering with the NFL, MLS, teams and other properties.


Manny Rodriguez, Chief Marketing, Experience and Customer Officer for UCHealth, explains how a portfolio of sports sponsorships and creative activations and events meets multiple objectives for the health care system.


Peter Feigin, President of the reigning NBA champions explains how the Milwaukee Bucks revamped the organization’s business operations to increase attendance, ticket revenue, partnerships and the impact of the enduring labor shortage and social justice movement. 


Al Guido, President of the San Francisco 49ers and Chairman and CEO of Elevate Sports Ventures, shares his takes on trends and developments in sports business, including crypto partnerships, where local revenue growth will come from and why properties should be more like agencies.


Ben Milsom, Chief Ticketing Officer for the reigning Super Bowl champions walks through his team’s brand evolution, the vagaries of the Tampa Bay market and developments in the ticket sales business.


Jim Van Stone, President of Business Operations and Chief Commercial Officer for Monumental Sports & Entertainment, delves into the future of jersey patches, international partners, NFTs and unique business structures.


Sharon Line Clary, Vice President of Strategic Marketing & Communications for AdventHealth, explains how sports and entertainment partnerships occupy a unique position in achieving marketing and business goals for a major healthcare system.


Rahsaan Johnson, Managing Director of Sponsorships & Inclusive Partnerships for United Airlines discusses the shifting role of sponsorship and what it requires of brands and their partners to be successful.


Scott O’Neil, Sports & Entertainment executive shares his perspective on meeting fans’ expectations, navigating through societal upheaval, the changing nature of revenue sources and meeting the needs of the next generation.


Jim McCloud, Executive Vice President, National Partnerships for Audacy, Inc. discusses the role of audio platforms in the digital age, including how the inclusion of sports betting and podcasting can provide compelling opportunities for listeners, as well as for rights holder and brand partners.


Larry Freedman, Co-President and Chief Business Officer of the Los Angeles Football Club, dives into trends in media and brand partnerships, and explores the challenges and advantages of the organization’s business model.


Josh Epstein, Head, Corporate Sponsorships for BMO Financial Group, explores making changes to strategy and tactics to keep partnerships fresh, relevant and delivering against short- and long-term objectives.


Dominic Orozco, Chief Strategic Marketing Officer for Gila River Gaming Enterprises, makes the case for category exclusivity, naming rights and building long-lasting relationships with fans through sports partnerships.


Catherine Carlson, Senior Vice President, Revenue & Strategy for the Philadelphia Eagles discusses the importance of connecting partners with each other, getting creative to develop new sponsorship assets and helping activation professionals find their sales DNA.


Peter Arceo, General Manager of San Manuel Casino, explores the art of negotiating fair market value for sports and entertainment sponsorships, as well as the many unique aspects of activating, optimizing and evaluating casino partnerships.


Rene Ramos, Vice President—Field Marketing/Lifestyle & Experiential Marketing at Constellation Brands discuss selecting the right partnership opportunities, aligning execution to market conditions and what makes an outstanding partner.


Pat LaCroix, Head of Global Brand and Marketing Activation for Bose Corporation shares how changing times have led to new sponsorships and new activation while retaining a focus on determining KPIs and other success metrics.


Nick Kelly, President of Charlotte Football Club, shares how the MLS team is generating interest among potential sponsors and how the lack of a track record and benchmarks allows for greater creativity in packaging assets, valuing benefits and activating rights.


Natalie Bowman, Managing Director of Marketing & Advertising for Alaska Airlines, explores how sports sponsorships can drive business, and reveals that the airline is giving rightsholders revenue targets and asking them to demonstrate their impact.


Alison Birdwell, President of Aramark Sports & Entertainment, shares her unique insights on how COVID, technology advancements and data science are reshaping interactions between fans, teams, and concessionaires at stadiums, arenas and other venues.


Greg Via, Vice President, Global Sports and Esports Marketing for Procter & Gamble/Gillette discusses what has worked and lessons learned from Gillette’s pioneering sponsorships in esports, as well as its changing approach to partnerships with athletes.


Chad Johnson, Chief Content Officer and Senior Vice President of Sales and Service for the Jacksonville Jaguars, examines the role of second-screen fans and how to properly communicate and sell to them, as well as some of the differences in marketing sports versus entertainment properties.


Steve Nolan, Head of Marketing & Communications for the leading multi-line insurer, discusses the role sponsorship and events can play in brand story-telling and shares the progress being made on successfully measuring its partnerships’ business outcomes.


Brad Sims, NYCFC CEO, tells us how the MLS club addressed the events of 2020—including the pandemic, rise of the social justice movement and a national election—to strengthen connections with its fans and community.


Jacob Gallagher, Chief Revenue Officer for the Charlotte Hornets outlines the steps the NBA team has taken to understand the customer journeys and lifetime value of its fans, and how those insights can be used across revenue streams from ticket and merchandise sales to corporate partnerships.


Nick Carey, Senior Vice President and Head of Sponsorships and Brand Engagement for Wells Fargo offers advice to brand marketers and sports and entertainment rights holders regarding what each side needs to bring to the table.


Lou DePaoli, executive vice president and chief revenue officer for the New York Mets shares his thoughts on frictionless interactions, game-day promotions and corporate partner expectations.


Michele Kajiwara, Senior Vice President of Premium Seating Sales for AEG/STAPLES Center, takes a look at the impact of 2020 events on premium seat owners and how venues can maintain and build relationships post-pandemic.


Kieran Foley, Head of Partnerships, Brand & Strategy for Danone North America, shares the world’s largest public benefit corporation’s fresh take on sponsorship—including its objectives and what benefits it is looking for—and offers advice on how marketers and rights holders can ensure fair market value for both parties.


Steve LaCroix, most recently Executive Vice President & Chief marketing Officer for the Minnesota Vikings, talks about the role of digital content in connecting with fans and the importance of developing and applying insights from the data produced by digital platforms.


Nic Barlage, President of Business Operations for the Cavs and Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse, discusses sustaining a positive culture and creating unity through the NBA team’s pandemic response and its support of Black Lives Matter and other social justice platforms.


Andy Bosman, Principal and Chief Marketing Officer for RSM, explains the strategic approach the accounting, tax and consulting firm takes toward its title sponsorship of the RSM Classic PGA Tour event, from establishing objectives and success measures to continually improving the client entertainment experience.


Jarrod Dillon, Chief Marketing & Revenue Officer for Vinik Sports Group looks at how the parent organization of the NHL’s Tampa Bay Lightning is taking lessons learned from corporate partner relationships and fan engagement in 2020 and applying them in preparing for a new season.