TicketManager | TicketManager All Access with FAQ

Sell Unused Tickets. Get More ROI.

Think unused tickets are just the cost of doing business? Think again.

  • Get more from unused tickets
  • Go to the events you really want
  • Recoup your investment

Fortune 1000 companies use All Access to get more money back from their ticket management platform than they pay in. Here’s how.

How Does All Access Work?

Choose How You Want to Sell Tickets


Sell tickets two weeks, a month, or a few days before the event while still being available to your team.


Alert TicketManager when you have unused inventory you’d like to sell. All tickets are still available to your team.

TicketManager | TicketManager All Access with FAQ
TicketManager | TicketManager All Access with FAQ

You Decide What to do with the Proceeds

TicketManager All Access

Apply funds from unused tickets to get the events you really want! Transform unused or underused tickets to your local team and turn them into your dream customer trip at the Super Bowl, The Masters, The Grammys, and more.

TicketManager Software Credit

Your ticket management pays for itself! Apply proceeds to your TicketManager license.

Direct Payment

Receive proceeds via check.

The largest companies in the world are recouping millions in investment on their unused and underused inventory with no conflicts of interest.

Ticket Brokers claim to help, but then sell your tickets at a steep markup to pocket the proceeds for themselves.

Marketplaces take buyer and seller fees and don’t give your tickets access to the complete market.


We already use most of our tickets. What would we gain from All Access?

High ticket utilization is important. But have you stopped to consider how those tickets are being used? Many organizations achieve high utilization rates either by giving unused tickets to employees or by donating them to charity.

All Access not only drives ticket utilization higher— it also helps you attract the kind of VIP clients that drive results for your company. Use the proceeds from selling unused tickets to pay for the kind of events your most important clients really want to see.

All Access increases both the quantity and quality of the clients you entertain.

I'm not allowed to make money off my tickets & suites. Can I still use All Access?

Yes! We can set the price of your tickets to face value, which means you won’t make any profit off your sales. The proceeds can be applied to your TicketManager invoice, any of our premium services, or they can be placed into your All Access account to pay for events you really want to attend.

Can we prevent having a bunch of strangers in our suite?

Yes. We can make sure the people using your suite are all from the same organization.

What if my legal team won't allow us to use All Access?

In some cases, the team includes special language in your sponsorship agreement that you won’t make money on your suites & tickets. In such cases we can set the sale price of your tickets to face value, ensuring that you are not actually making any profit off them— only recouping your cost.

We work with hundreds of teams, and most of the professional sports leagues, and we can almost certainly help you find a way to use All Access.

We expect to use all of our tickets. Why do we need All Access?

Full ticket utilization is a great goal, but in reality, most companies let 43% of their tickets go unused each year. That adds up to thousands of dollars wasted— and thousands of missed opportunities to take clients out. Customers who use All Access put more than 80 percent of their tickets to work— either by using them directly, or by selling them to get the events their clients really want.

All Access can dramatically increase your ticket utilization.

Our leadership team has concerns about selling tickets. What can I do?

We work with thousands of organizations, including most of the Fortune 1000, and we have designed our process to address their concerns. For example, if you don’t want strangers in your suite, we can ensure that everyone there must be from the same organization. If you are not allowed to make money off your tickets, we can set the selling price to face value and apply the proceeds towards your account or to purchase the tickets you really want.

We can work with your company to come up with a solution that’s right for you.

My team doesn't own the budget for tickets. How does All Access help me?

Even if your team is not directly responsible for company tickets, you can still benefit from All Access because it helps you get the events you really want. When your company sells its usused tickets, it can use the proceeds to pay for new events—the kind of events you and your clients want to attend. (Like the Super Bowl, the Masters, and the Grammys)

All Access benefits your team even if you’re not directly in charge of your company’s ticket budget.

Get Total Transparency into your Tickets. Maximize ROI.