TicketManager | TicketManager All Access

Sell Unused Tickets.

Get More of the Ones You Want.

Your event is 1 week away. You have leftover tickets. 76% won’t be used.

Sell them & reinvest the money.




Almost half of company tickets go unused each year. Clients can’t go, there are last-minute changes, or things just don’t come together.

How Does All Access Work?

Choose How You Want to Sell Tickets


Sell tickets two weeks, a month, or a few days before the event while still being available to your team.


Alert TicketManager when you have unused inventory you’d like to sell. All tickets are still available to your team.

TicketManager | TicketManager All Access
TicketManager | TicketManager All Access

You Decide What to do with the Proceeds

TicketManager All Access

Apply funds from unused tickets to get the events you really want! Transform unused or underused tickets to your local team and turn them into your dream customer trip at the Super Bowl, The Masters, The Grammys, and more.

TicketManager Software Credit

Your ticket management pays for itself! Apply proceeds to your TicketManager license.

Direct Payment

Receive proceeds via check.

The largest companies in the world are recouping millions in investment on their unused and underused inventory with no conflicts of interest.

Ticket Brokers claim to help, but then sell your tickets at a steep markup to pocket the proceeds for themselves.

Marketplaces take buyer and seller fees and don’t give your tickets access to the complete market.

Get Total Transparency into your Tickets. Maximize ROI.