TicketManager | Chicago Bears and TicketManager Team-up to Show Big Return on Investment in Company Sports Tickets

TicketManager and the Chicago Bears Enter Fifth Year of Partnership Proving Big Returns on Investment in NFL Tickets & Suites

TicketManager, the choice of thousands of global companies for making sports and event tickets easy to manage and automating customer entertainment, announced the continuation of their partnership with the Chicago Bears of the NFL.

Through the partnership, Chicago Bears customers will have access to use TicketManager’s online tools and mobile apps to make it easy to get tickets into the right customers hands. TicketManager allows businesses to control who sees what tickets, create custom event invitations, and even check guests in with a mobile check-in and interactive real-time guest lists for suite hosts.

“The Chicago Bears are a top partner with big-name customers including Verizon, NBC, CBS, E&Y, KPMG, Fox Sports, DLA Piper, Fifth Third Bank and more,” said Tony Knopp, CEO and Co-Founder of TicketManager. “The success we’ve seen in this partnership is a testament to the relationships the Bears have with their customers. They go above and beyond for them and their customers trust them and work with them as partners.”

“Our customers expect the best and we are always looking for new ways to help them get the most return on their Bears investment,” said Adam Kellner, the Chicago Bears’ Director of Suite Sales and Services. “TicketManager has proven to be a valuable tool for many of our customers.”

Sports tickets have long been an important investment for businesses big and small, with the average corporate guest representing more than $131,000 in business. And the ROI numbers for NFL tickets can be staggering, with customers sometimes entertaining over $10 million in potential business at just one game. However, though companies always knew tickets worked wonders for their bottom line, it was very difficult to prove their value. Managers had no idea of who was using their tickets and for what purpose.

TicketManager facilitates the corporate ticket process from start to finish, all the while helping companies maintain compliance and measure ROI. And TicketManager’s online and mobile applications make real-time tracking and customizable reports ultra-convenient, eliminating the cumbersome spreadsheets and red tape of the past. Further, TicketManager applications also make the ticketing process for your own company’s events easy.

The Chicago Bears are one of over 60 professional sports teams, including more than a dozen NFL teams, partnering with TicketManager to provide full online control of their tickets, along with high-level analytics. “TicketManager allows companies to put their tickets online and on the mobile screen, enabling us to track the return on investment. In this case, the service highlights just how terrific Bears tickets are for businesses,” Knopp added.

About TicketManager
TicketManager is where tickets mean business. TicketManager makes company tickets simple by enabling companies to measure the business impact of sports and entertainment assets while staying compliant.

Described as “Necessary in Business” by CNBC, TicketManager offers a variety of web and mobile products to help companies of all sizes use the tickets they own, buy the tickets they need, and stay compliant with all federal, state, and local regulation without adding another layer of red-tape or confusing software.

TicketManager makes tickets available where the business user lives, whether on their mobile device, in their CRM, or through their team and venue partners. TicketManager partners with over 60 professional sports teams and venues as well as industry leading partners, Salesforce.com and Concur, to offer integrated products alongside education. The company is based in Calabasas, CA.