TicketManager | Event Management

Event Management

TicketManager’s newly upgraded event services help you provide the ultimate in personalized VIP hospitality experiences for live event guests and effortlessly issue credentials for attendees, media, staff, volunteers and others.


From invitations and registration to on-site experience and post-event reporting, TicketManager customizes, streamlines and simplifies the entire process of entertaining your high-value guests while meeting their needs and expectations for a fast, seamless and responsive experience from beginning to end.

TicketManager | Event Management


Invite and register guests through on-brand, personalized emails


Enhance the event experience for staff and guests through compelling, easy-to-use event-specific websites


Capture the information you need quickly, painlessly and securely — no lengthy forms, logins or passwords

Improve ROI

Improve ROI, oversee enhanced guest and logistics data and produce unlimited reports through our exceptional administrative back end

Making sure proper access is granted to the right people is critical not only to event security, but to hosting a successful live experience. TicketManager offers flexible, best-in-class services for accrediting media, vendors, guests and other on-site participants.

TicketManager | Event Management

Review and Approve

Review and approve credential applications online through user-friendly platforms, purpose-built for attendees, press/broadcasters, contractors, officials, etc.


Produce custom badges with built-in photo uploads and designated access levels


Communicate critical event information to accredited guests and others through both automated and individualized emails and text messages


Streamline credential pick-up, health check and other on-site interactions

Ready to take your event management to the next level?