TicketManager | Fendi to dress AS Roma

Continuing a pattern of convergence between fashion houses and athletic teams, Fendi has reached terms to outfit AS Roma. It is Fendi’s first-ever sponsorship with AS Roma and will cover the 2022-23 and 2023-24 campaigns. The official launch is scheduled for the end of August.Details include an official wardrobe designed by Fendi for the club’s first team to be worn as the team travels to compete in both Italian and European competitions over the upcoming two seasons.

The color palette will be primarily dark blue and accentuated by the red and yellow of AS Roma. Materials will be made in Italy. The dark blue is intended to symbolize sophistication and elegance, while the red and yellow are synonymous with the city of Rome.

The market for these kinds of collaborations has exploded in recent years:

  • In the Italian Series A league Milan, Inter, and Juventus are dressed in Harmont & Baine, Moncler, and Loro Piana, respectively. Percassi’s Atalanta has also aligned with Replay.
  • In the English Premier League Liverpool has collaborated with Levi’s and Manchester City with Dsquared.
  • Other examples include Lazio with Sartoria Cardona, Genoa with Ben Sherman, Torinto with Gutteridge, and Fiorentina with Montezemolo.

Fendi views the foray as an opportunity to reach an extended audience with an interest in both international football and cutting-edge fashion while simultaneously paying homage to Rome’s history and traditions.

Both organizations were founded at a similar timeframe too – Fendi in 1925 and AS Roma in 1927.

The news also furthers Fendi’s ongoing effort to strengthen its ties with Rome, in the Fendi for Fountains project, the Temple of Venus and Rome, the Palazzo della Civilta Romana, and major renovations at the Fontana di Trevi.