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Guidance On What To Expect For The TicketManager Community

TicketManager | Guidance For TicketManager Community

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Hello TicketManager Community,

We are thinking and praying for all those impacted by this global pandemic and hope you are safe.

Our community is facing unprecedented times and our team is ramping up to serve you through what will be a fast-changing environment in live events hospitality. Today we’d like to give guidance on what to expect in the coming months:

  • The Live Events Fire Hose
  • Our Partnership
  • Community Events
  • Conclusion

The Fire Hose

We are communicating daily with teams, leagues and governing bodies to keep our community informed. As of now, everything we are being told points to a return to live events between June and October, which gives our community a very short window in which to plan and execute.

In a normal year, companies have much more time to execute against a more spread out calendar of events- as detailed in “The Five Seasons of Company Tickets.” Major League Baseball generally announces their schedule over 150 days prior to opening a 162 game season. This year we could have a full baseball season compacted into a few months with less than 45 days’ notice to plan.

It is not unlikely we as a community will have some or all of the NBA, MLB, MLS, NHL, NFL, College Football, The US Open(s) of golf and tennis, the Indy 500 (Aug. 23), The Kentucky Derby (Sept 5), The Masters (tbd), and the Brickyard (Jul 5) all in a 120 day span coinciding with a shortened and busier concert season. When events do come back, they will be looking to meet television, sponsorship, and legal responsibilities by completing as many dates as possible.

With so many events, fans and guests will have too many options for the time available while simultaneously returning to their daily lives. It is imperative we work now to set up process as we will not have the benefit of time we usually do.

Our Partnership

Company involvement in live events will not be the same and we want to do our part to help as much and where we can. No commitment, no contract, no trials. No cancellations needed at the end of the period. Just help at no cost.

Analytics Package – Tier 1 Waived: The Analytics package, highlighted here, gives our community access to a level of customized reporting and speed which will empower them to provide custom business intelligence in real time to internal teams asking questions about live events spend.

The analytics package requires input with our team to build so please reach out to your TicketManager team to start. The cost of the tier 1 package is between $1500 and $2500 per month. We are waving that fee through 2020 as it is imperative we plan for the upcoming period together.

All Access Package Fees Waived: With so many events coming at once, the majority of our customers, including many who haven’t sold tickets before, have been contacting us to sell inventory to recoup costs and offset having so many tickets at once. Some are also exploring selling as their company has mandated no guests for the first 30 to 60 days. In an effort to help our community, we will be waiving All Access fees for the first thirty days from the first completed transaction.

All Access has required configuration steps, so please let your TicketManager team know if you intend to take advantage in advance so we can assign the appropriate resources to support your needs. No cost. No contracts. No cancellations needed. More on All Access Here.

Monthly Fees: All TicketManager customers are on a ticket bucket arrangement. If events cancel at a rate which drops a customer into a lower ticket bucket for the year of their contract, TicketManager will provide relief and work with our customers to assure we are in the proper buckets going forward as our goal has always been long term relationships. If a customer is an NAICS code starting with a “72,” denoting restaurants and hospitality, we will have relief discussions this year to help our great partners.

Community Events

We’ve heard our community loud and clear: they want to know what other companies are doing.

We are setting up multiple virtual networking webinars where companies can talk openly, and behind closed doors, to one another about their plans when events return.

If you are interested in joining us, please register here. We will be having multiple sessions and will limit each session to 15 guests to make for open discussions while being sensitive to competitive situations.


There will be uncertainty in live events hospitality in the near future. What is now known, vendors will be holding the events and companies will need to adapt to when they return. Please check out our “Three Things to Expect and Eight Do’s and Don’ts” for events during volatile times for more details on options going forward and how we are working together towards a spring/summer/fall restart.

There will be drastic changes in demand going forward as there will be a lot of events leading to more denials than usual from guests. We will work together to assure you get the right people in the right seats for the absolute best business result.

These are unprecedented times in business and in live events. Our team is here and operating full speed ahead for you. If there is anything you need, please reach out to your TicketManager representative and if there is anything I can do, my contact information is below.

Thank You for trusting us with your business and please stay safe,

Tony Knopp