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Entertaining is Easy

Taking out customers works so well, companies spend $600 Billion on it every year. Why is it so hard?


Build all your company events and experiences. From tickets to happy hours, dinners to sponsored tables, merchandise to gift cards— everything you need to create amazing experiences for your clients is all in one place.

Custom Invites & Registration Pages

Create beautiful custom invitations and registration pages for your guests. They’ll be impressed— and they’ll want to attend your event.

Know Who’s at Your Event & Why

Easily interact with your guests when you want to see who’s at your event, who invited them, and what potential business they bring. 

Do More Events!

See the results your events are producing. With over 200 real-time reports right at your fingertips. you’ll see exactly how client events are driving your business forward.

All In One Place!

TicketManager: Event Management & Registration Software

TicketManager makes planning your client entertainment easy. Put all your tickets, custom experiences, at‐event upgrades, invitations and analytics right in one place!

Sales Needs an Edge

Sales needs access to anything that will help close the deal— now. And without any red-tape slowing them down. They want to sell, period. IM gives sales execs a powerful competitive advantage.

C-Suite Needs to See It’s Working

Company officers need to drive business results by making sure that every resource they have is being used to its greatest effect. IM makes it easy by showing how client experiences generate positive ROI.

Event Planners Need Control

Events have a ton of moving pieces. IM helps event planners create powerful experiences for their attendees & shows them exactly who is there.

Marketing Needs Measurable Insights

Marketing needs to know which resources to invest in for the greatest return. IM gives them the tools they need to make smart, data-driven decision making.

Finance Needs the Numbers

Finance needs to see who’s being taken out & how this is driving revenue. IM gives financial leaders quantitative insights into their client entertainment.

See why top businesses
rely on the power and convenience of TicketManager

Beautiful and Seamless Registration & Invitations

Easy and Flexible Check-In & Reports

custom site invite

TicketManager Solutions

No matter who you are, TicketManager makes your life easier.

Sales Gets Back to Closing Deals

Close more deals

Take customers out without any hassles or red tape

Get fast approvals for all your client events

We Make Event Planners Look Good

Create events your guest will never forget

Build gorgeous invitations & event pages the easy way

Keep in touch with your attendees with email or push messaging

Executives Drive More Revenue

Drive more revenue with client entertainment that works

Track ROI on your events with 200+ real-time reports

See how the world’s best companies create events that work


Our Customers

What Our Customers Say

TicketManager has revolutionized our internal ticket management and has measurably saved us time and effort.

John Rizzi
SVP Product Mgmt & Strategy

Google uses TicketManager to effectively manage and distribute our tickets. With TicketManager, managing tickets is easy.

John McAteer
Managing Director, US Sales, Google

With TicketManager, we are able to hold our employees to a standardized process and retrieve consistent reporting.

Diana Bing
Relationship Mgr, Corporate Mktg

TicketManager has allowed us to maintain compliance and track results at the click of a mouse.

Michael Lindley
SVP – Marketing, Huntington Bank

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