TicketManager | TicketManager Selected as App of the Week by Concur Technologies

TicketManager integration makes it easy for companies to manage client entertainment directly inside Concur

TicketManager, the client entertainment solution used by over 4,000 companies, professional sports teams, athletic leagues, venues and universities, has been selected by Concur Technologies as App of the Week. TicketManager makes it easy for companies to share experiences with their clients without tracking everything in time-consuming spreadsheets. By integrating with Concur, TicketManager makes it even easier for companies to manage all their client entertainment without having to go back and forth between multiple systems.

“Sharing experiences with clients is a powerful thing,” said Tony Knopp, CEO and co-founder of TicketManager. “Companies know this— that’s why they cannot wait to take clients to sports events, concerts, theater, and outings of all shapes and sizes. But getting reimbursed for these events after can be a hassle. Concur is the travel and expense solution for the world’s best companies. By integrating TicketManager with Concur, we just made it easy for companies to take clients to events and expense them after. Problem solved.”

TicketManager is used by the world’s best companies, like American Express, Google, Under Armour, Verizon, and more to make it easy to share amazing events with clients. Pro football games, incredible rock concerts, award-winning theater, unforgettable golf outings— events like these bring people together. By proving the amazing positive ROI on client events, TicketManager shows companies how client entertainment is great for business.

“Companies share events because they work,” says Knopp. “TicketManager makes it easy by eliminating the hassle of managing tickets, guest lists, and approvals so companies can get back to what they do best. By integrating with Concur, it’s never been easier to go out with clients. You’ll never have to jump through hoops to get reimbursed again, because your company will have an easy way to see just how valuable that event was to the business.”

Customers can download the TicketManager for Concur integration from the Concur App Center.

About TicketManager

You share events and experiences with customers that work. TicketManager makes it easy and proves the ROI.

Companies globally invest over $600 billion in client entertainment, customer events, and sports tickets every year. TicketManager makes client entertainment easy and proves the ROI by providing convenient and simple tech to create events, invite guests, register and check-in customers, and report on the effectiveness of each event in real-time. How It Works.

The choice of thousands of globally known companies like FedEx, Verizon, American Express, Anheuser Busch, MasterCard and sixty pro and college teams in the NFL, NBA, NHL, and NCAA, TicketManager connects companies and their customers with event and ticket management solutions for today’s business. TicketManager partners with StubHub and Ticketmaster, offers integrations with Salesforce, Concur, and Microsoft Outlook, and mobile apps through the Apple AppStore and Google Play to make customer events easy across all the applications and platforms customers use every day.

TicketManager is based in Calabasas, CA with five offices globally managing and automating over 30 million invitations, registrations, and tickets every year.