TicketManager | Is this guest worth $9,000? 

Is this guest worth $9,000?


Latham and Watkins has robust policies and tools to assure tickets are being used responsibly and in line with all rules and laws. 

When the NBA Eastern Conference Finals rolled through Boston, the firm had a guest cancel at the last minute.

In the past, the company would have had to scramble and give the tickets to whoever was the next best option, event if the business opportunity wasn’t worth the cost. 

Instead, they sold the tickets for $9,000 and can now reinvest the money for a future business use. All Access gave them the flexibility to make the best business decision even with tight time constraints. 

The company clicked one button and sold the tickets for $9,000 which can be reinvested in better business use.  

All Access gave Latham the flexibility to do what was best for the company while strengthening resolve to renew with the team.