TicketManager | Kansas City Chiefs Provide Business Customers Big Returns on Tickets and Suites

Chiefs partnership with TicketManager, now entering its fifth year, enables companies to better manage and distribute tickets leading to big return on investment.

Arrowhead Stadium will be the center of business in the Kansas City area when the Kansas City Chiefs’ kick off their first home game against the Broncos September 17th. The game will mark the beginning of the Chiefs’ fifth season in partnership with TicketManager, a cloud-based ticket management app used by corporations around the world, and widely used by Chiefs fans, to automatically measure the effectiveness of their NFL tickets and do away with spreadsheets and last minute emails.

“The Chiefs are a mainstay for businesses in the Kansas City region and the numbers prove their effectiveness,” said TicketManager CEO Tony Knopp. “Through our partnership, we’ve seen major companies like US Bank, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Verizon find a better way to manage their tickets to terrific results.”

Kansas City Chiefs Client Services Manager, Kellen Begnoche said, “Working with TicketManager has been great for our partners. We’re excited to provide such a great service to our customers.”

TicketManager has been in the ticket management and reporting business since 2007. Since then, the SaaS firm has been recognized in the Inc 5000 as one of the fastest growing private companies in the US by adding internationally recognized brands like FedEx, American Express, Verizon and many more.

Suite holders and premium ticket owners love TicketManager and how easy it is to use, with options online and through mobile apps. Integrations with Salesforce.com and Outlook put tickets in a familiar environment for effortless adoption. The mobile app gives companies the freedom see and use tickets anywhere. The simplicity is what makes capturing accurate ROI possible.

Knopp commented, “When you’ve got your tickets lined up and ready to go in the same software you use every day to manage your sales contacts, it leads to much smoother, more informed use of your assets. It’s familiar from day one, and it’s completely intuitive.”

About TicketManager
TicketManager is where tickets mean business. TicketManager makes company tickets simple by enabling companies to measure the business impact of sports and entertainment assets while staying compliant.

Described as “Necessary in Business” by CNBC, TicketManager offers a variety of web and mobile products to help companies of all sizes use the tickets they own, buy the tickets they need, and stay compliant with all federal, state, and local regulation without adding another layer of red-tape or confusing software.

TicketManager makes tickets available where the business user lives, whether on their mobile device, in their CRM, or through their team and venue partners. TicketManager partners with over 60 professional sports teams and venues as well as industry leading partners, Salesforce.com and Concur, to offer integrated products alongside education. The company is based in Calabasas, CA.