TicketManager | Driving Ticket Utilization

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TicketManager | Driving Ticket Utilization

Konica Minolta engages in business technologies, industrial, and healthcare. It commands a $3.74 billion market cap and employs over 44,000 full-time employees.


By automating its events management process, Konica Minolta ensures all its company ticket assets are used by the right people.


“There must be a better way for us to manage tickets around here.”

It was March 2015, and Amelia Hill had just joined Konica Minolta USA as Sports Marketing Coordinator. The famed technology company had long understood the power it gained through its sporting events and sponsorships. Amelia handled all of Konica Minolta’s sports partnerships, constantly seeking ways to leverage her company’s team partnerships to get the most value. Her boss had called her in to discuss one of the company’s most pressing needs: a better way to manage their tickets.

We had nearly 7,000 tickets. And we were managing them through Excel sheets and email.

Amelia Hill

Sports Marketing Coordinator<br />

The process for obtaining tickets at Konica Minolta was not easy.

Employees would email a manager who would then enter their request on an Excel spreadsheet. The request would then go to an executive for final approval. In some cases, the Senior VP of Marketing would have to approve all requests himself-and if he happened to be occupied or away, the process could drag on for days. Once tickets were finally approved, the requestor would have to fill out as many as five separate shipping orders and then walk them down to the mail room.

That’s right—snail mail.

And this complicated process didn’t stop some employees from abusing the system.

“Tickets were sometimes being given to employees and their families instead of customers. We needed a way to stop this from happening, and to make sure we were getting the best ROI from all our ticket assets.”


Amelia began looking for a better solution, and her search soon led her to TicketManager.

“Any question we had, they had an answer for. That made us feel confident that their solution would really work for our company. It was a huge draw.”

Before long, TicketManager was implemented across Konica Minolta’s entire US operations.

Now, employees have an easy way to request tickets without crawling through mountains of red tape. And TicketManager’s real-time reports let Konica Minolta see exactly who is requesting tickets, and whether those tickets are being used appropriately.

“It was nearly impossible trying to do all that through Excel spreadsheets and email,” observes Amelia. “We now have an easy, streamlined way for employees to request tickets. We can actually see what’s going on, and if tickets are being used or not. It has entirely changed our business and made everyone’s jobs easier.”

Konica Minolta USA also experienced a common benefit to using TicketManager: ticket use went up.

From sponsorships, to golf events, to baseball games, I don’t think one game has gone unused since we started using TicketManager. It’s genius.”

Amelia Hill