TicketManager | Marketplace Puts You in Control of Your Tickets


The secret to a making company tickets compliant? It’s TicketManager Marketplace.

    • Take control over company tickets
    • Total visibility into all your client entertainment
    • 100% compliance, backed by the world’s best companies


Companies spend over $600 billion every year taking clients to events, but with no way to track who’s using them, organizations are just one audit away from a PR nightmare.


It’s too easy to get tickets— those your company owns as well as those available on the internet. Managers give tickets away and OK expense reports without asking the tough questions.


People are buying tickets & expensing them after. With thousands of ticket sites just one click away on everyone’s phone, companies can’t see what’s really going on.



Company policy is impossible to enforce with so many ways to get tickets. That means you’re just one audit away from a PR nightmare.

For us to be able to track who’s using these tickets, what the outcome is and even potential ROI is imperative to the success of our sponsorships and continued relationships with these teams.

Nick Kelly

Head of US Sports Marketing, Anheuser-Busch InBev


How Does Marketplace Work?

You’re in Control

You decide who goes to events

No more free-for-all. Anyone who wants tickets must show who they’re for & what value they bring to your company. Only the ones you approve get to go— no exceptions.

One path for all tickets

Whether it’s tickets your company already owns, or tickets people want to purchase, every event request goes for approval before tickets are purchased or distributed.

Flexible approval flows

You can have ticket requests go to a person’s manager, a central approver, or even set up multiple layers of approvals before tickets are issued. It’s completely up to you.

TicketManager | Marketplace Puts You in Control of Your Tickets
TicketManager | Marketplace Puts You in Control of Your Tickets

Total Visibility

Bring purchased tickets into the light

People are already buying tickets— you just might not be seeing those expense reports. Marketplace gives you a single, secure place for ticket purchases with top-tier vendors. Just like with company-owned tickets, users must get approved before they’re allowed to buy tickets.

Business intelligence based on real behavior

Are you investing in the right tickets? Marketplace eliminates the guesswork by showing you what tickets your company really wants. Make better purchasing and sponsorship decisions with realtime buisness intelligence.

Reduce ticket spend

By putting a microscope on individual purchasing behavior, you also change it. Our customers have seen spending go down by over 30% thanks to Marketplace.

100% Compliance


One process for all users

By having one path for getting tickets— company-owned and purchased —you immediately stop people from doing end-runs around company policy.

Your policy, reinforced

You can prompt users with custom messages whenever they go into the system to acknowledge they have read & agree to company T&E policy.

Iron-clad compliance, backed by companies you know

When American Express, BNY Mellon, Mastercard, and Wells Fargo needed to make their client entertainment compliant, they turned to us. See why companies choose TicketManager when there’s zero room for failure.

TicketManager | Marketplace Puts You in Control of Your Tickets

Still Don’t Want Marketplace?

Despite these benefits, companies sometimes are hesitant or resistant to Marketplace. Here are some of their reasons— and why they still need it.

Marketplace isn't really required for compliance & regulation, is it?

It is imperative we keep our partners and customer safe from clear and present compliance and regulatory risks. It is imperative to their goals as partners and to our goals of building a business.

Too often companies are attacked by splashy headlines of ticket misuse, the majority of which are caused by high-profile events often bought on the secondary market. Beyond the PR damage, which usually subsides rather quickly, there are oftentimes heavy fines which are made worse by the legal fees incurred dealing with the issue.

TicketManager is built to assure our customers and partners are protected against these threats. To do so, we must, together, have “a reasonable process in place to deter fraud and non-compliance.” What does that mean? It means we need to make clear to agents of the customer what the rules and guidelines are for buying tickets.

In today’s world, users can access the secondary market from anywhere. If a company blocks access in TicketManager, the user will simply go to the secondary site in another browser window. If the company blocks the access in all browsers, which is costly and very rare as there are thousands of sites, they use their phones, which is even more costly to block and impossible if the company has a BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) policy in place. If the user can access these sites and isn’t made aware of rules and guidelines at the point of purchase, there is risk.

The Marketplace comes with tools which demand the user acknowledge the rules and guidelines of the business. Companies can place multiple stop signs in front of the user at the point of purchase with links and information reminding and compelling them to follow the regulations in place. There are other tools we will address in later sections which encourage good behavior.

Sometimes, in the face of all these data points, an administrator or power user will still want to shut off the Marketplace for personal reasons as tickets can be emotionally driving forces. If that were to happen, and the company got caught in a scandal, we would be putting the TicketManager name at risk as well as the only choices would be to denounce the customer as a poor user, something we will not do, or accept the implication our product does not work and protect our customers and partners, which we also will not do.

What if Marketplace encourages my employees to buy tickets they shouldn't?

A reasonable objection is the belief that putting a Marketplace in front of the user is a tacit approval of ticket purchasing for users. We had the same concern when we build the product and were made aware by the auditors we were working with the marketplace would have to be live.

The data, however, actually proves otherwise. The Marketplace actually leads to a significant decrease in ticket purchasing as it makes the issue clear to users and staffers there is now a microscope on purchasing behavior.

In 2010, TicketManager was contracted by a Fortune 100 technology company to provide marketplace services after they did an internal study revealing the company was spending $6mm annually on tickets outside of the contracted deals they already had. This number was too high and the company wanted to see where the money was being spent in an attempt to later make cuts to the buying.

Together with our partner, TicketManager implemented the Marketplace with very clear rules and regulations, even blocking the venues where the company had their name on the building. We worked with their credit card provider and cross checked all purchasing in their expense system, the very same way we had come to and tested the $6mm spend the year prior.  The spend in 2011? $2mm. Spending dropped $4mm and the company found a number of rather significant compliance violations which had been occurring for years.

There are countless stories like this at all scale of business. Putting a process in place will cut your companies ancillary ticket buying. The data proves it over a full decade.

TicketManager comes standard with features available to overlay the Marketplace with messaging to further communicate company policy and risk, as seen here. These configurations keep your company clear of regulatory issues as users are able to access the market only after being made aware of company policy multiple times.

What if employees buy tickets instead of using the ones we already have?

Building on the above previous belief, companies worry there will be a tacit approval of users buying tickets while the company still has them available… a concern we shared when building the platform as one of the most common goals of our customers is to cut ticket waste.

The data, however, proves otherwise.

Building on the fact that activating the Marketplace actually cuts purchasing, making it very clear what tickets the company has available to users while putting rules and tech in place to assure company tickets are used before anything else is purchased.

TicketManager comes standard with the ability to keep the Marketplace unavailable when company tickets are still available to the same event. Once company tickets have been exhausted, the company can communicate policy not to buy tickets to company owned events.

Will my users get confused & mistake Marketplace tickets for those we already own?

A common concern when introducing TicketManager is the belief a user may not know the difference between company-owned tickets and tickets available for purchase.

TicketManager goes to great lengths to test usability and assure users find their way through all aspects of the platform with ease. Usage facts and heat checks confirm the efforts are successful.

As an example: A Fortune 100 business with well over 100,000 tickets was convinced in 2018 the Marketplace was too confusing for users and had a number of examples. TicketManager got to work immediately to understand the metrics. The data was clear:

  • There were over 10,000 requests made in the system that year.
  • 4 users clicked into the buy process for tickets in the Marketplace
  • 2 users attempted to buy tickets (the customer had purchase approval turned on)
  • Both requests were declined. No money changed hands.
  • 0.02% of requests, or 1 in 5000, went to the Marketplace

With over 30 million tickets going through TicketManager annually, the data about use is very clear: the belief users will be confused by the Marketplace and not understand the difference between tickets for purchase and company owned tickets is unfounded.

Can't TicketManager just turn Marketplace off for my organization?

On occasion, new customers and partners who aren’t familiar with TicketManager culture will believe we don’t want to turn off the Marketplace for one of two reasons. Either TicketManager doesn’t want to do the work or TicketManager makes money off the Marketplace. Both are reasonable assumptions we are happy to address.

Turning off the Marketplace, something we used to do prior to working with audit firms in depth, would have no cost to TicketManager. It is a configuration we could activate immediately. We do not for all of the previous reasons.

As far as economics around the Marketplace, TicketManager does, from some vendors, receive an affiliate fee, or commission, for tickets purchased through the Marketplace. As of this writing in mid-2019, total revenue from the Marketplace accounts for roughly 1% of TicketManager’s overall revenue. It is not material to our business today.

TicketManager is built to serve our customers and partners. The Marketplace is a necessary aspect of our technology and services and we are working daily to assure configurations and rules are in place to achieve our customers’ and partners’ goals. 

As always, please contact your Customer Success team or Customer Service team with any questions or to learn more about how to configure the Marketplace and its many controls to best serve your needs.

Marketplace keeps the world’s best companies compliant

TicketManager | Marketplace Puts You in Control of Your Tickets
TicketManager | Marketplace Puts You in Control of Your Tickets
TicketManager | Marketplace Puts You in Control of Your Tickets
TicketManager | Marketplace Puts You in Control of Your Tickets
TicketManager | Marketplace Puts You in Control of Your Tickets
TicketManager | Marketplace Puts You in Control of Your Tickets
TicketManager | Marketplace Puts You in Control of Your Tickets
TicketManager | Marketplace Puts You in Control of Your Tickets
TicketManager | Marketplace Puts You in Control of Your Tickets
TicketManager | Marketplace Puts You in Control of Your Tickets
TicketManager | Marketplace Puts You in Control of Your Tickets
TicketManager | Marketplace Puts You in Control of Your Tickets
TicketManager | Marketplace Puts You in Control of Your Tickets
TicketManager | Marketplace Puts You in Control of Your Tickets
TicketManager | Marketplace Puts You in Control of Your Tickets
TicketManager | Marketplace Puts You in Control of Your Tickets

Take control of your tickets. We’ll make it easy.