TicketManager | Memphis Grizzlies Provide ROI Technology to Customers

Grizzlies provide customers with online tools and mobile app from spotlight ticket management to measure ROI.

When the Memphis Grizzlies tip-off their season against the Detroit Pistons, local and global businesses will fill the stands with their best customers as they align with the NBA to drive business. Thanks to a partnership with Spotlight Ticket Management, Grizzlies customers will be able to take tickets with them on their mobile devices and track the business impact.

“There is significant ROI from our customers’ suites and premium seats. Our goal in providing them with Spotlight is to help them not just track the ROI but to make it easy to access Grizzlies tickets when in front of a customer,” said Gregg Crone, Director of Premium Services. “Our customers who use Spotlight are seeing their suites drive huge business impact.”

The partnership enters its second season as a very popular add-on as many Grizzlies customers, including Comcast, First Tennessee and SunTrust, have adopted Spotlight’s online tools and apps to drive more business from their tickets globally.

Judging by the results the customers are seeing, it’s no surprise the partnership is expanding. “The Grizzlies are the best option in town for businesses entertaining customers,” said Tony Knopp, CEO and Co-Founder of Spotlight Ticket Management. “The ROI numbers are staggering and the introduction of the mobile app, (available on the App Store and the Google Play Store) making it easier to get the tickets needed, will increase the ROI even higher.”

The Grizzlies join over 60 pro teams partnering with Spotlight. “Our goal is to get NBA tickets on the mobile devices of every business person,” said Knopp, “whether on the road, networking, or in a meeting. Spotlight mobile users can access tickets on the spot to invite prospects or customers.”

The partnership gives Grizzlies customers an online ticket management application the ability to integrate tickets within Salesforce.com and a mobile app to manage and distribute tickets. Throughout the season, Grizzlies customers will have access to educational video clips, case studies, and whitepapers prepared by top lawyers, accountants, and sports marketers with popular themes such as “How To Pass An Audit In 90 Seconds,” “Avoiding The Legal Pitfalls Of Sports & Entertainment Marketing,” and “Making Your Sports Marketing Pay Off.”

Spotlight, founded by StubHub alums, manages over 8 million company tickets for global brands including Under Armour, Fox Sports, and HP. On a mission to build a fully integrated ticket platform, the company recently partnered with expense management leader Concur Technologies, adding to partnerships with Tickets.com and CRM leader Salesforce.com. “We are making it easy for companies to put aside those archaic spreadsheets and focus back on their business.”

About Spotlight Ticket Management: Spotlight Ticket Management (http://www.SpotlightTMS.com) is where tickets mean business. Spotlight makes company tickets simple by enabling companies to measure the business impact of sports and entertainment assets while staying compliant.

Described as “Necessary in Business” by CNBC, Spotlight Ticket Management offers a variety of online tools and mobile products to help companies of all sizes use the tickets they own, buy the tickets they need, and stay compliant with all federal, state, and local regulation without adding another layer of red-tape or confusing software.

Spotlight makes tickets available where the business user lives, whether on their mobile device, in their CRM, or through their team and venue partners. Spotlight partners with over 60 professional sports teams and venues as well as industry leading partners, Salesforce.com and Concur, to offer integrated products alongside education. The company is based in Calabasas, CA.