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NFL Football Teams to Provide Online Tools and Mobile Apps from Spotlight Ticket Management

Calabasas, CA (PRWEB) September 03, 2013

When the NFL season kicks off with the Denver Broncos hosting the Baltimore Ravens in a re-match of their playoff thriller, the luxury suites and stands will be filled with VIP guests, all leveraging the power of football to help their businesses. A dozen NFL teams, including the Broncos and Ravens, are helping their corporate customers see just how valuable their tickets are.

“The average return on investment for company sports tickets is 12 to 1,” said Spotlight CEO Tony Knopp, “and the NFL’s numbers significantly top that. The average company spends $100 to entertain over $300,000 in business.”

NFL teams are helping their customers measure their return on spend. “Our customers who are taking advantage of Spotlight’s online tools have been outspoken in their praise and the big numbers they’re seeing,” said Shari Rainey, Director of Suites Services for the Houston Texans.

NFL teams began partnering with Spotlight prior to the 2010 season, with the Texans, Chicago Bears, and Indianapolis Colts leading the way. Since NFL teams began partnering with Spotlight, global brands like Google, HP, JPMorgan Chase, Fox Sports, and Marsh have adopted the online provider’s apps to measure their results. “Google uses Spotlight to effectively manage and distribute our tickets,” said John McAteer, Managing Director of US Sales at Google. “With Spotlight, managing tickets is easy.” Michael Lindley, SVP of Marketing for Huntington Bank, added that “Spotlight has automated our process, given us a simple centralized system, and has allowed us to maintain compliance and track results at the click of a mouse.”

NFL teams partnering with Spotlight provide customers access to a host of products including an online ticket management application, the ability to put tickets into Salesforce.com and a mobile app to manage and distribute tickets. Companies receive educational video clips, case studies, and whitepapers prepared by top lawyers, C-level Executives, accountants, and sports marketers with popular themes such as “How To Pass An Audit In 90 seconds,” “Avoiding The Legal Pitfalls Of Sports & Entertainment Marketing” and “Making Your Sports Marketing Pay Off.”

The 2013 season will be the first time a mobile app is available to companies to use and distribute tickets to customers, and Spotlight believes the future for businesses using NFL tickets lies with the mobile device. “Everything we do is moving online and mobile,” said Knopp. “Consumers buy tickets, book travel, and shop online and on mobile devices. Our goal is to get every NFL ticket on the business person’s mobile device so they never miss an opportunity to invite a key customer.” Imagine having all of your company tickets right at your fingertips? Our mobile app and partnerships have made it a reality.”

If history is any indicator, 2013 will be a big year for the NFL and Spotlight.

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