Ticket Providers

TicketManager is proud to partner with major primary and secondary ticket providers in order to enable our customers to buy tickets through the TicketManager Ticket Portal.  By providing single-application access to multiple ticket sources, Spotlight customers save time and have the ability to find every ticket at the most competitive prices.

In addition, TicketManager runs the Corporate Ticket Exchange through which customers can purchase tickets from Veritix, Tickets.com, Ticketliquidator, other Spotlight customers and thousands of brokers.


“With tens of thousands of tickets to manage internally — spanning multiple sports leagues and overlapping seasons, plus myriads of concerts and other live events — we needed an automated, transparent and efficient ticket management solution for our internal use. TicketManager has revolutionized our internal ticket management and has measurably saved us time and effort.”

– John Rizzi, Senior Vice President, Product Management and Strategy, Tickets.com



Ticketmaster Certified Partner

tm Certified Partner is a new Ticketmaster program that facilitates even more best-of-breed 3rd party integrations for Archtics clients, allowing Ticketmaster and the partner to authenticate API functionality and services. tm Certified Partners will adhere to service level agreements, integration processes and receive road map visibility. The tm Team will dedicate even more resources providing better support to this rapidly expanding client need. The tm Certified Partner program reaffirms Ticketmaster’s open architecture commitment, enabling clients to use the industry’s best ticketing solution alongside other leading applications, optimizing operational objectives and improving revenue streams.


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