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Instant access to sports, concert and theatre tickets.

  • View your company’s seats
  • Find events near you
  • Search the largest marketplace of ticket sources

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Easily find your company-owned tickets for games and events. Request tickets from your mobile device. See the seat location at a venue. Add events directly to your calendar.

Explore What’s Playing

Search near you or where you’re traveling to find an event. View your company-owned seats or purchase tickets from all the major providers, including Ticketmaster, Stubhub and TicketsNow. Choose your event, see what’s available and compare prices.


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Blackberry and Windows Phones

On your Windows or Blackberry phone, open your browser and go to m.spotlighttms.com. Login with your Spotlight account (click here if you need a login reminder). Bookmark the web app by choosing star and save to a folder. If you are already viewing this page with your mobile phone, click here.