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Sales leaders know sports events are a great way to build relationships with clients and turn prospects into customers. But actually getting tickets to the right people on your team can be a complicated process.

  • Get tickets to your best sales reps
  • Measure exactly how tickets are driving business
  • Stop tickets from going to the wrong people
TicketManager | Sales
TicketManager | Sales

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Why Sales Teams Choose TicketManager


Get Tickets Fast

The right people on your team will see what tickets are available– and they’ll be able to get them quickly approved.

Invite On The Fly

Invite your clients whenever & wherever you are– right from your mobile device. Never miss an opportunity to connect.

Close More Deals

 Big deals are a result of strong relationships. And nothing builds relationships like live events.

Why Companies Use TicketManager


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All your tickets, suites, and events in your pocket. All the time.


Drive Business

Universal appeal of sports leads companies to spend over $20 billion a year on tickets.


Ask The Experts

The pros give advice on how sales leaders can best use tickets & client events.


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