TicketManager | SpotlightTMS Partners with ParadeRest

SpotlightTMS Partners with ParadeRest, a Central Virginia Non-Profit Serving Military and Their Families to Provide an Efficient and Error-Free Ticket Management System

SpotlightTMS’s SaaS application will automate all aspects of ParadeRest’s ticket management providing a better experience for both users and administrators

SpotlightTMS today announced a partnership with ParadeRest to provide software to manage ParadeRest’s Ticket Program at no cost to demonstrate its gratitude to our service members, veterans, and their families for the sacrifices they provide to protect and serve our nation.

ParadeRest is a central Virginia-based non-profit organization that helps its local community welcome home and express gratitude to local military service members, veterans, and their families through tangible support and appreciation. The ParadeRest Ticket Program has been widely successful in building community resiliency by promoting civic engagement between military, complementary service organizations, and the public.

“We are major supporters of ParadeRest’s cause,” said Tony Knopp, CEO of SpotlightTMS. “The entire SpotlightTMS team wants to thank our troops and their families for all they have done for us any way we can.”

Spotlight TMS is the first enterprise Software as a Service (SaaS) application to centralize and automate all aspects of sports and entertainment ticket management, and it is the only ticket management system offered on the SalesForce.com AppExchange. While SpotlightTMS has traditionally advocated its product for managing ticket allocations internally within major corporations, SpotlightTMS is especially excited about the opportunity to leverage their expertise to invest in the future of returning service members and say “thank you” in their own personal way.

Since 2009, ParadeRest has helped communities in Central Virginia (including Charlottesville, the Shenandoah Valley, and Richmond) to welcome home and express gratitude to its local military by offering donated tickets to entertainment, arts, and sports events at area venues. ParadeRest has formed unique partnerships with these venues, including University of Virginia Athletics and Arts, the John Paul Jones Arena, the historic Paramount Theater, and many others. ParadeRest’s role is in facilitating the exchange of donated tickets provided by these venues to ParadeRest members.

“The ParadeRest program has grown to include more than 600 members and it’s become increasingly difficult to manage ticket allocation using spreadsheet software,” said ParadeRest spokesman, U.S. Army Captain Troy Nold. “We needed an automated system that could improve our efficiency and allow us to spend more time advancing our mission of supporting our military community in Central Virginia.” ParadeRest therefore, sought the expertise of SpotlightTMS, the industry leader in ticket management.

ParadeRest expects to begin using the SpotlightTMS software to manage its Ticket Program by January 2013.

Service members, veterans, and families interested in learning more about ParadeRest and joining the program are encouraged to visithttp://www.ParadeRestVA.org.

About SpotlightTMS

Spotlight Ticket Management (http://www.SpotlightTMS.com) is where tickets mean business. The ticket management leader, Spotlight enables companies to measure the business impact of sports and entertainment assets while staying compliant. Spotlight makes tickets easy to find, easy to manage, and easy to use. Described as “Necessary in Business by CNBC and Currently used by globally recognized names such as AT&T, Oracle, HP, Google, and KPMG, Spotlight Ticket Management offers a variety of software products to help companies of all sizes use the tickets they own, buy the tickets they need, and stay compliant to all federal, state, and local regulation without adding another layer of software.

Spotlight makes tickets available where people spend their time online, whether in their CRM, Inbox, smart phone, or through their team/venue partners. Spotlight partners with over 50 professional sports teams and venues as well as industry leading technology partners Salesforce.com, Tickets.com, and leading expense management firms. The company is based in Calabasas, CA.

About ParadeRest

ParadeRest (http://www.ParadeRestVA.org) is an expandable and replicable, local veteran outreach program that helps dedicated communities strategically work together to welcome home and express their gratitude to local military service members, veterans, and their families through tangible support and appreciation. ParadeRest has accomplished this mission through the donation of tickets to entertainment, arts, and sports events to military past and present and their family members. ParadeRest’s diverse network strengthens the connections among a diffuse military population and its supporting entities by working directly with community leaders, civic organizations, and military families to address military transition challenges and to promote a culture of service and sacrifice.

ParadeRest is operated by the Research Strategies Network, an educational organization that conducts research and educates the public, including government officials, community leaders, and others, concerning important public policy issues, including, but not limited to, national security, international affairs, counter-terrorism, and public safety.