Customer Success Stories

When it comes to making client entertainment easy,
no one comes close to TicketManager.


Here are just a few of the ways we’ve helped thousands of companies make it easy to share events and experiences.

when the ceo is a fan
When the CEO is a Fan
2 CEOs. 2 sports suites. Neither could prove the suite was driving results. When each one later left their company, guess what happened.
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When Companies Stop Taking Clients to Events
These companies couldn't prove client entertainment was a legitimate way of driving results. Guess what happened next?
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Proving Sponsorship Value
See how the famed financial institution proves its sponsorships are working with easy-to-use ROI reports.
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Save Countless Hours Managing Tickets
Comcast stopped trying to manage tickets with spreadsheets. The result? A dedicated solution that frees up resources.
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From Spreadsheets to Automated Solution
CDW replaced manual processes for managing sponsorships with an automated solution, creating significant new value.
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The Limits of Internal Ticket Systems
Sun Life Financial was quickly outgrowing its in-house ticket system. Then they discovered TicketManager.
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Driving Ticket Utilization
Konica Minolta went from spreadsheets & email to a custom ticket solution. The result? No more wasted tickets.
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More Ticket Access Means More Control
See how one of the world's premier financial institutions took control of its tickets by making them visible to over 9,000 employees.
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What the Experts Say About Company Tickets
Ever wonder how the pro's make company tickets and suites work? Barclays Center and Broadridge Financial share their secrets.
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Measuring the Impact of Company Tickets
After several in-house systems, TalentLaunch turned to TicketManager to measure the value of its seats & suites.
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Capturing Rich Data About Company Tickets
To see how company tickets were being used, Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton turned to an automated solution.
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Multiple Locations, One Ticketing System
How Lathrop & Gage implemented a single ticketing system across multiple offices without missing a beat.
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See How Tickets Are Really Being Used
AgStar transformed the way it managed company tickets, freeing up countless hours & driving ticket usage to nearly 100%.
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How Ticket Abuse Happens
The citizens of Indiana are learning the hard way what happens when organizations can't show who's using their tickets.
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Corporate Consumer Ticket Study
Companies waste almost half of their sports tickets each year. Here's what the smart ones are doing about it.
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