TicketManager | The All Access Community

The All Access Community

• Share tickets with other companies.
• Sell tickets to other companies.
• Buy tickets from other companies.


The All Access Community is an exclusive, safe, and closed community where companies can share, exchange, buy or sell tickets from other companies. You choose your partners. You choose the terms. You get (MUCH) more return on investment in a community of over 4,000 companies and 100 teams in the largest, most extensive, and most exclusive network in sports and live events.

TicketManager | The All Access Community

You have total control over:

Who you share it with

What you share

When you share

How you share

Browse through listings to pick and choose who you want to share tickets with, sell tickets to, and buy tickets from.


Share tickets with partner companies.


Sell in a controlled environment.


Buy exclusive inventory.


How do you share tickets?

You decide which companies you want to partner with and what the terms of the agreement are. Whether you share all your tickets when they are released or only unused inventory two weeks before the event, it’s completely up to you. 

How do you choose which people/companies to partner up with?

With over 4,000 companies to choose from, you decide who you want to partner with, when you want to partner with them, and what inventory you want to allow access to. Whether it’s the entire company or a region/line-of-business, you have total control.

What are the terms of All Access Community?

The terms are set by you and your partners. Whether it’s all your tickets or only those that go unused, it’s completely up to you.

Are the tickets listed reputable?

Tickets listed in the All Access Community are only those owned by other companies. They are completely verified and 100% authentic.

How do I get the tickets that are shared with me?

As soon as a partner shares tickets, you will see them in your feed. You make your request and they get transferred into your account. In the event that the tickets are physical tickets, they will be immediately shipped to the account on file.

Can you limit sharing tickets?

Yes. You have total control over the terms of what, when, and how you share tickets.

What happens if a company uses more tickets than you use of theirs?

You and the partners have total control over the exchange in value between tickets and other assets. Additional tickets can be settled for future events or other assets such as advertising, new business, cash, etc…

What happens if a partner decides to use my tickets on a competitor?

You can restrict who your tickets can be used on. In addition, you will have insight into who actually used your tickets, after the event.

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