TicketManager | Ticket Resale Policies and Procedures

Ticket Resale Policies and Procedures

Customer Options for Selling Tickets:

Customer and Spotlight will agree on the best process for selling tickets in writing (email is acceptable) prior to Selling Tickets.  Options included but are not limited to:

  1. Pre-set interval: Determined by the number of days before event that the tickets are listed and Spotlight automatically lists the tickets for them.
  2. Ticket Group Selection: Set two fields (Re-sale: Y/N & Available to company during resale: Y/N) and tickets will be listed within 24 hours.  Dual listing must meet listing option requirements below.
  3. Specific teams, games, sports, or venues: Customer pre-determines sets of inventory that will be made available for sale.
  4. On demand: Customer at any time can request that tickets be sold by simply emailing selltickets@ticketmanager.com  to identify the games, ticket ids, or inventory that they want sold.

Listing Options:

There will be two options for listing tickets – blocked listings and dual listings.  Spotlight and Customer will agree to the listing option in writing (email is acceptable) prior to Selling Tickets.

  1. Blocked listings: When these tickets are listed, they are designated for sale and not for internal use.  With this setting, tickets will no longer be visible inside the organization for ordering.
  2. Dual listing: With this setting, the tickets are listed both in resale marketplaces and are available for request in the TicketManager system for the customer at the same time.  In this case, it is required to implement either Order Purpose approval for which the tickets listed for sale will have a TicketManager Admin as the approver or Ticket Level Admin (TLA) where TicketManager is the approver.  These are protection methods to make sure that tickets never enter a dual allocation scenario, and the TicketManager Admin can ensure the tickets are removed from the marketplace if unsold or the internal use order denied if they have already been sold on the marketplace. 

Once tickets have sold via resale, orders will be created for the sales and include the net amount for the customer per ticket as the sales price for tracking and reporting.  Customer is responsible for any fees or replacement costs associated with tickets used by the customer after being sold by Spotlight. 

Pricing of Tickets Listed:

Spotlight will leverage market-based technology to price the tickets close to market value.  With a bias towards selling inventory rather than maximizing price, Spotlight will aim to price tickets near the suggested market value. 


Spotlight will fulfill sold inventory for customers to which Spotlight provides fulfillment services without any additional cost whether they are physical tickets, PDFs, or electronic tickets. Physical tickets will be delisted consistent with the policy of each customer.

If Customer fulfills their own tickets, the Customer is responsible for fulfillment of sold tickets.  Customer is responsible for any mis-shipments, breakage, and any resulting fees from such.  Customer inventory will be delisted 5-days in advance of the event to prevent potential issues.

Payment Options:

A)   All Access for Customer Purchasing

Customer can utilize Proceeds from a completed sale for future purchasing needs.  A completed sale is a confirmed purchase for an event which has taken place.  Selling proceeds are equal to the net value of the tickets sold (minus resale and Spotlight commission) and is held in an account (“Customer Account”).  When Customer wants to utilize the Customer Account, there are two options:

1) Place an approved order in the system and send an email to selltickets@ticketmanager.com  Spotlight will procure the tickets on the customer’s behalf and deliver them to the customer. 

 2) Call VIP services to complete the order.

B)   Credit towards TicketManager Services

Final net amount will be applied to the next invoice to the customer.

C)   Cash Payment

On a quarterly basis, completed sales will be paid out to the customer within 45 days. For example, payments for Q1 (Jan-Mar) would be paid out by May 15th.

In the event Customer is no longer a customer of Spotlight, any net proceeds in their account will be applied to any outstanding invoices and then available for use for purchasing until there is a zero balance.