TicketManager | TicketManager named Concur App of the Week

At TicketManager, we’re always looking for more ways to make it easy for companies to take their clients out to events & experiences they’ll never forget. That’s why we’re thrilled to be selected by Concur Technologies as their App of the Week!

Taking clients out to events like sports games, rock concerts, and award-winning theater is fun! But having to prepare expense reports after is definitely not. How many times have you sat before the desk in your hotel room staring at a mountain of crumpled receipts, shuddering at the thought of how to build an expense report for the guests you entertained?

Building expense reports

We’ve all been there

Have you ever been unable to recall—

  • Your guests’ exact job titles?
  • The names of other attendees, like significant others, your guests brought along?
  • The exact date and time of your event?

Most companies require this information to be entered accurately for employees to be reimbursed. And if you happened to let a few days go by, it can be impossible to remember these details later.

No more.

With TicketManager for Concur, it’s not only easy to take clients out to see amazing events— it’s also super easy to submit your expense report after. That’s because all your attendee and date & time information is sent right from TicketManager into your Concur expense report. After all, you had to enter your event & attendee information when you first got approved to take your clients out, right? So why should you have to enter all this stuff a second time?

We’re proud to be recognized as Concur’s App of the Week, and hope you love using TicketManager for Concur.