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Ticketmaster Connect

The way companies take clients to events is all about to change, thanks to the shift to mobile-only tickets. This creates numerous advantages for companies, venues and teams— but only if they’re ready to make the jump. Our exclusive partnership with Ticketmaster helps teams, content providers, and companies of all sizes reap the benefits new technology is creating.

Despite what other companies may tell you, we are the only ticket management system listed as a Ticketmaster Certified Partner. (click to open link)


Whether you’re a professional sports team or league, content provider, or company, Ticketmaster Connect will transform the way you share experiences with clients. Here are just some of the ways.

Teams & Content Providers

When companies fail to use tickets and suites, it’s a sure sign they’re not getting value from their investment in your team.  TicketManager Venue makes it easy for companies to put every seat to work.

  • Increase digital & mobile ticket use
  • Fully integrate with your customers’ ticket systems
  • Capture full lifecycle info when tickets are transfered
  • Get real-time guest data in your primary ticketing system
  • See exactly who’s at the event with realtime scan reports
  • Increase renewals and reduce attrition
  • See who’s using comp tickets and measure the ROI

Venues are Reshaping the Corporate Fan Experience

TicketManager | Ticketmaster Integration

Companies of All Sizes

The way your company takes clients to events is about to change. Venues are getting rid of paper & PDF tickets and putting everything on your mobile device. With this shift comes some exciting opportunities:


  • See who’s really using your tickets with realtime scan reports
  • Send tickets right to your guest’s mobile device
  • Get notified the moment your guest arrives at the venue
  • Capture full lifecycle info even when tickets are transfered
  • Load all your Ticketmaster tickets into a single dashboard
  • Make the jump to mobile tickets without missing a beat

Companies Win with Mobile Tickets

TicketManager | Ticketmaster Integration

How the Pros Use Technology to Master Tickets

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Big Changes in Company Tickets

Mobile only entry. Massive changes in the tax code. An uncertain economy. Don’t let these changes disrupt your sponsorships

How CDW Manages Tickets

Learn how CDW makes every sports ticket count with state-of-the-art technology

Anheuser-Busch Leads the Way

See how sponsorship mega-influencer Anheuser Bush is transforming the art of sponsorships with seamless technology

Companies Want a Better Experience

Peter Kent from the PGA TOUR expalins what sponsors need in an ever-changing landscape

For any NFL game in this upcoming season they will not have any print at home tickets… When we get to 2019, they will have no barcodes as you know them on any of those tickets. Everything will either be NFC or RFID.

Dave Scarborough

Chief Strategy Officer, Ticketmaster

The Ravens have a responsibility to ensure our suite owners have the best tools to maximize their ROI with us. We can only accomplish this by partnering with TicketManager.

Josh Hartman

Sr. Manager, Suite Sales & Services, Baltimore Ravens

We chose TicketManager so our customers get the biggest return on their investment in the Chicago Bears.

Adam Kellner

Director of Suite Sales & Services, Chicago Bears

For us to be able to track who’s using these tickets, what the outcome is and even potential ROI is imperative to the success of our sponsorships and continued relationships with these teams.

Nick Kelly

Sr. Director of Experiential Marketing – Sports, Anheuser-Busch

TicketManager provides our suite owners the necessary technology to track how their tickets are being utilized, and show their specific return on investment. Partnering with TicketManager allows us to reinforce our message that investing in a suite should be viewed as a business asset rather than an expense.

Mike Setser

Sr. Director of Corporate Sales, San Antonio Spurs

TicketManager shows us what kind of events our top tier customers like going to— and shows that these events are producing a high ROI for us.

Robbie Doran

Sr. Charlotte Community Affairs & Sports Marketing Consultant, Duke Energy

Prove the ROI of Company Sports Tickets and Suites


When companies see the value of their investment in teams they use more and buy more. TicketManager makes it easy to prove tickets are driving results.



Get on the same side of the table with your customers by understanding their goals and helping them get more out of their investment.


Companies with big ROI buy more. Taking customers to a sports event is one of the best marketing tools in the market today and TicketManager assures your customers succeed.


Mobile entry and real time scan reports integrate with your ticketing partner so you’ll know who is at the game the precise moment they enter the venue. No more guessing.

 Ready to see how the pros do it?