TicketManager | UFC and Thorne Health Tech Reveal Multi-Year Partnership

UFC the mixed martial arts competitive fighting behemoth and Thorne Health Tech the wellness brand revealed a multi-year partnership that will keep them working in concert with one another for the foreseeable future.

Thorne remains an official partner of the UFC Performance Institute and the UFC’s Official Sports Performance Nutrition Partner.

As the UFC tests for over 200 banned substances, perhaps that is the reason why so many fighters have grown to trust Thorne’s products.

Key tenets of the extended partnership include:

  • Brand Entitlements and Promotions
    1. A Brand Ambassador Fund offering marketing opportunities to the more elite UFC athletes
    2. A branded presence for Thorne inside UFC’s octagon during fights.
    3. Promoting Thorne in-venue at designed UFC events.
    4. Integrating Thorne’s branding into key UFC assets such as broadcast features on some of its pay-per-view telecasts.
    5. Featuring Thorne as a Presenting Partner of select segments of “Embedded” which is UFC’s proprietary all-access video content series.
    6. Collaborating between Thorne and the UFC on original and custom content to be distributed across UFC’s various digital platforms and social media channels.
  • Integration of Thorne Nutritional Supplements and Products
    1. Merging athlete supplement plans with Thorne’s line of NSF-Certified for Sports products.
    2. Continuing to see customized eating plans developed by registered coaches and dieticians that work for the individual*.

*Not a single failed drug test has occurred from contaminants associated with any of Thorne’s products given to UFC’s athletes.

Over the past three years, Thorne has become an integral player in preparing the UFC’s athletes for their next fight while helping to implement recovery tactics leading to better overall performance. Its products include supplements, meal replacements, and more.

Paul Jacobson, Thorne’s CEO commented “we saw an opportunity to leverage our health intelligence platforms, including testing, data-based solutions, and Thorne supplements, to further optimize performance.”

In addition, Thorne will merge with Onegevity a health intelligence company with a proprietary, multi-omic platform that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to map, integrate, and understand the billions of dynamic and biological features that showcase the state of an individual’s health.