TicketManager | What We Do at TicketManager

We make client entertainment easy & prove the ROI.

Some companies claim they can do it all for you: venue sourcing, event marketing, expense reporting, customer surveys, website design, social media monitoring, online payments… and so on. Not TicketManager— client entertainment is all we do. All day. Every day.

When Tony and Joe started TicketManager, they knew there were products in the market to help people manage the logistics of complex, infrequent events, like massive trade shows or user conferences. But nothing existed to help companies with the type of client entertainment they were doing much more often.

Think of football games, golf outings, weekend client events, or happy hours. Companies take clients to these kinds of events all the time, yet no good answer existed to make these events easy or show how they were producing measurable results.

Enter TicketManager.

The world’s biggest and best brands use IM and rave about our services. See how we can transform your client entertainment into a powerful, measurable part of your company’s growth strategy.