TicketManager | ‘A Perfect Storm’: Why Super Bowl LIV Tickets Will Break the Bank

Super Bowl 2020 is on track to be one of the most expensive games in recent memory. With just days until the big event, the cheapest tickets will set you back around $4,500 

You may be asking: Why does a ticket cost that much? 

What’s Driving Prices Up 

As our CEO and founder Tony Knopp told the San Francisco Chronicle, ”a perfect storm” of factors are contributing to these historically high prices. They include: 

  • Two teams with large and committed followings: The Chiefs and 49ers are big drawsThe Chiefs, who haven’t been to the Super Bowl in 50 years, have one of the most vocal fanbases in the NFL. The 49ers’ equally fervent “Faithful” fanbase has shown that they will travel, as they did in 2013, and Silicon Valley’s deep pockets will secure plenty of corporate tickets. 
  • A destination vacation city: Sunny Miami serves as the perfect host city, already drawing over 20 million tourists each year. 
  • A smaller stadium: With a capacity of about 65,000, Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium isn’t as large as other venues, limiting the supply of already hard-to-get tickets. 
  • Extended economic expansion: While we may be overdue for a correction, US consumer economic confidence is at its highest since 2000. 

Behind the Scenes of the Super Bowl Ticket Market 

These factors are driving up the prices of tickets – and the ones available for $4,500 aren’t the best seats in the house. After all, before the average fan can get dibs, the tickets are first doled out to the teams, leagues, and sponsors 

The breakdown looks like this each year: 

  • ~17.5% to each participating team (Chiefs and 49ers) 
  • ~8.5% to each losing Championship week team (Titans and Packers) 
  • ~5% to the host team (Miami Dolphins) 
  • ~1.2% to each non-participating team 
  • ~11% to the league 

The Golden Rules of Super Bowl Tickets 

The groups listed above then resell leftover tickets to brokers and customers. As brokers with decades of experience find new ways to secure these tickets, the odds are stacked against average fans. If you’re one of them, be vigilant when hunting for tickets this year. Time after time, we hear about new Super Bowl scams that leave hundreds outside the venue, unable to get into the game. 

As we’ve said since 2014, there are a few simple rules to follow when buying Super Bowl tickets: 

  1. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Compare what you’re being quoted against the rates on sites like SeatGeek. 
  2. Don’t buy from a company you’ve never heard of. A quick Google search should let you know if a firm is legitimate. 
  3. Steer clear of speculation. If the seller can’t provide an exact location or deliver the tickets until the day before the event, stay away. 
  4. Don’t try to beat the market. These are professionals with 30 years of experience in this market. You will not beat them. 

If you’re looking for tickets and have any Super Bowl-related questions, please call us. We’re happy to help you navigate the complex world of Super Bowl ticketing.