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TicketManager will transform your business. Here’s how. 


Manage Sports Tickets

Companies invest in sports tickets because it’s great for business. But managing tickets without the right tools can be overwhelming. See why the world’s best companies use TicketManager to make sports tickets easy.

Case Studies

See why the world’s best companies use TicketManager to make sports tickets easy & prove the ROI.

All Access Community

The All Access Community is an exclusive, safe, and closed community where companies can share, exchange, buy or sell tickets from other companies. You choose your partners. You choose the terms.


Sell Unused Tickets. Get the Events You Really Want.

Companies waste nearly half of their tickets each year. TicketManager All Access flips the script.

Choose how to sell tickets

Sell automatically according to preset criteria, or sell them on-demand whenever you want to.


Total flexibility

You can keep tickets available internally while they’re listed for sale. Keep all your options open.

Decide what to do with the proceeds

Roll them over & get the events you really want, apply them toward your TicketManager invoice, or receive them as a direct payment.

Drive more ROI

Converting unused tickets into new opportunities to entertain clients drives new ROI and proves your tickets are working.

See why American Express, Anheuser-Busch, MGM Resorts, and Verizon all choose TicketManager to power their loyalty programs.

Create Loyalty Programs

Reward your clients, prospects, and employees with live events they’ll never forget. TicketManager can have you up and running in no time with our Rewards API.

Our new rewards program changes the way the marketplace perceives us.

Jen Feldman

Verizon Wireless

Make Events Easy


The easy way to create perfect client events


I don’t know how many of you guys use the TicketManager mobile app, getting away from that paper check-in process. Now you can scan a barcode or swipe right to check in… It’s like a “wow moment” for a customer. They think it’s the coolest thing ever!

Marvin Garcia



TicketManager makes it easy to see exactly how your client entertainment is driving results. Stop spending your time juggling spreadsheets & start proving the ROI of your events.

Who used tickets and why

Track ticket use & reduce waste

Compliance and Audit Reports

Wasted tickets

ROI Reports

Prove your events are driving business. Here’s how.


Thanks to TicketManager, we have a really rich data set for tickets and event ROI that lets us make truly data-driven decisions.

Dan Frystak


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